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Fall Swag Swap Reveal

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Swag Swap

It’s been awhile since I participated in a swap! When my friend Desiree posted about the Fall Swag Swap that she and a few friends were hosting, I was quick to sign up. And this swap did not disappoint! I was partnered with Meg, and I love everything she sent me! The card that she wrote me was so sweet. She explained that the theme of the box she sent was “Mom’s Survival Kit.” Look what I got!


1. Toffee Crunch Ghirardelli chocolates. 2. EOS Lip Balm in my favorite color teal, which is “Sweet Mint,” and Meg says it’s her favorite type of lip balm. 3. Hand Sanitizer. 4. “Mom’s Scandal Cup”! How awesome!! It is an insulated wine tumbler, but Meg wrote that although she wasn’t sure if I drink wine, she knows I watch Scandal and thought I’d like the cup. I do! I’d even put water in it just to be cool. 5. Milk & Caramel Ghirardelli chocolate. My favorite! 6. Tissues. 7. Pens. 8. A scarf!


I’m in love with everything Meg sent me – thanks Meg! And thanks Desiree and friends for setting up this swap!