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Friday, March 14, 2014

Things I Learned On My Trip To The East Coast

I learned…

- Some travel mishaps are better than others – losing Zachary’s booster seat was better than losing a whole suitcase. And Southwest let us borrow one of theirs. We did get ours back on the way home!

- Tony Goldwyn is currently on the last page of the Southwest magazine Spirit.


- My mother-in-law taught Ian Axel, the singer from Great Big World who sings “Say Something” in I believe 5th grade.

- The 95.5 WPLJ morning show is no longer the Scott and Todd Show, it’s just the Todd Show.

- The later my kids go to sleep, the earlier they wake up. (We went to sleep around 1 AM the first night, and they were up by 6!)

- My brother-in-law’s pizza restaurant still has the best salads.


- Even at a wedding with 600 people you can see and talk to people you like.

- The car trip from NY to Cherry Hill NJ is actually super fast if you sleep the whole way.

- Even after 10+ years, Rutgers looks almost the same. But Livingston campus is totally different!

- New Jersey still feels like home…but I don’t want to move back!

- I complained a lot about not having non-stop flights, but actually the shorter individual flights were much appreciated!

- Nothing is better than seeing my kids have a great time with our family.

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tamarsb said...

So cool about Ian Axel! I haven't been to Cherry Hill in SO long! Glad you got the booster seat back!

Janine Huldie said...

So glad you got to go back once again and I know totally couldn't believe the it is just the Todd Show now and will always be the Scott and Todd Morning Show to me, as well. Also glad you got back that booster seat when you were going home.

Tracie S said...

It sounds like you had a great experience!

Savanna McCurry said...

Fun trip! That salad looks delicious!

Tamara Bowman said...

From a former Jerseyean..WHAT?? What happened to Scott of Scott and Todd?
And I haven't been back to Rutgers in ages. I am so curious..

Dara said...

I know I thought that was cool too! we stopped in cherry hill on our way back to the airport, and yes glad about getting the booster back!

Dara said...

isn't that weird about scott and todd? I was like what?!

Dara said...

it was!

Dara said...

we did have fun!

Dara said...

I guess Scott retired! Livingston campus has like a whole shopping / restaurant / movie theater area now!

Amber said...

That salad looks amazing.

Dara said...

yum! I love it.