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Monday, March 3, 2014

I’m The Kind Of Mom Who

I’m sure you’ve all been reading the posts going around started by Hey, Hollywood entitled “I’m the kinda girl who…” I’m too late for the link up, but I decided to do my own spin on this idea – I’m the kind of MOM who…

I’m the kind of mom who…

…stands up for my kids.

…hates waking up in the morning.

…won’t let my kids stay up late because it cuts into my “me” time.

…let’s the kids watch too much TV.

…follows the rules.

…makes lunches for the next day as soon as the kids get home.

…takes lots of pictures.

DSCN7913  DSCN7833DSCN7886

…has strong views on things but does get influenced by what others think.

…sends my kids to school, including preschool.

…worries a lot.

…loves to see my kids play together.

…thinks everything my kids say is hilarious.

…has a hard time keeping the kids entertained.

…feels like my reason for existence is my kids.

What kind of mom are you?


Janine Huldie said...

I do believe this is just one of the many reasons we are friends, because it can relate to so much on your list and then some 😉

tamarsb said...

This was so sweet!!! Love the "me time" - I am that way when I watch my nephews - I justify it as "they get the sleep they need" and I get my "sanity" back (-:

Savanna McCurry said...

We are very similar! Love this post!

Alex said...

Great post Dara!! I feel like several of these apply to me as well. Definitely the too much TV and strugling to keep them entertained.

Tamara Bowman said...

Definitely with you on not letting them stay up late, and on taking lots of photos! I send to school.
I'm the kind of mom who lets them dream their dreams, and even makes some a reality. Not all, of course!