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Sunshine Award–All About Me

Monday, January 20, 2014


I received the Sunshine Award from Natasha at Epic Mommy Adventures!

What is the Sunshine Award:  It was created by bloggers as a way to recognize each other’s work.

Rules of the award: Answer 11 questions with random facts about yourself asked by your nominee. Then forward the recognition by choosing 11 other blogs and ask the bloggers 11 questions about themselves.

Here are the 11 questions that Natasha asked me!

1. As a parent, we tend to sacrifice many of the things that we previously enjoyed doing. However, it’s all worth it for your beautiful child! What are some things that you have given up to be a better parent?

I can’t really think of anything I’ve sacrificed as far as things I enjoyed in the past. At one point I thought we would travel less after we had kids, but we really have been able to travel as often as we want to. I did give up my career, but that was not something I “enjoyed,” as much as something I had to do. I’m much happier focusing on parenting.

2. Many times, our child can drive us absolutely nuts – tantrums, demands, all those things that children do, whether they are 2 or 15. What are some of the things that your child does that drives you absolutely nuts?

I have a patience problem. Therefore it is really hard for me to deal with non-stop talking, repetition of the same things, and incessant questions!

3. What are your coping mechanisms when your child drives you absolutely nuts?

If it gets really bad, I give myself a time-out. Which means I go in my room and close the door. Of course that means the kids are outside the door trying to get in, so it doesn’t quite work.

4. Sometimes when I have a day off from work, I still send my son to daycare to get a day all to my self. What do you enjoy doing when your child is not around? Share some of the juicy details!

Home alone without the kids? Love it. I like to watch TV shows or read blogs in peace. I also prefer to shop alone.

5. When we were younger, we all imagined that we would be in some profession when we got older. I wanted to be an accountant like my father! What did you want to be? How different is it from the profession you are currently in?

The only thing I can remember wanting to be was a writer. And if blogging counts, I am a writer!

6. It’s a snow day! You’re home all day with your child(ren) and it’s a great time to cozy up on the sofa with a big blanket and some hot chocolate. What would you be doing with your child on a snow day?

Probably arguing about me not wanting to take them outside to play in the snow. Or watching TV.

7. It’s Friday night and all the kids are asleep. What movie do you grab to watch?

I normally like to watch TV, I have been enjoying binge watching shows that I didn’t start watching when I should have. But some movies I want to see are The Help and Catching Fire.

8. What topic do you enjoy blogging about most? How do your readers relate to posts on this topic?

I like to write about our family’s adventures. I think my readers do enjoy these posts, at least I hope they do!

9. What has been your best vacation? Where did you go? What did you do? What makes it the best?

It’s hard to choose! We have had two amazing Disney World trips (Jan. 2012 and June 2013) which I think we all enjoyed!

10. Do you like to read? What kind of books? What’s the last thing you read?

Yes, I love to read! I mostly read general fiction. I am currently reading Allegiant. For some reason it’s taking me awhile.

11. Have you ever listened to a song or watched a movie and felt that it summed you up completely? What movie or song would that be for you?

Good question…can’t say I have the perfect answer! One especially meaningful movie for me is Groundhog Day. Yes, that annoying movie where Bill Murray can’t stop living the same day over and over. Why is this movie meaningful to me? Because in the movie Phil learns how to live the right way. He finds that he is able to get out of the time loop he is caught in once he has the perfect day. And I think we should all strive for that perfect day.

Now, I’m going to break the rules and not nominate anyone for fear of leaving people out or re-nominating those that have already done this particular type of thing already. No use creating a Groundhog Day situation for everyone. So thanks again Natasha for nominating me and for the questions!