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Scandal Sunday #6–New Years Resolutions

Sunday, December 29, 2013


This week, in honor of the New Year starting, I thought I would write New Years’ Resolutions for the Scandal characters. I have been trying to think of what they as characters might resolve to do in the coming year – but I also have to put in my thoughts on what I personally want them to do! This post will contain spoilers!

Abby: Find a way to work with both David and Olivia Pope and Associates without hurting one for the other.
My thoughts: Abby should stop using David for information.

Cyrus: Keep Fitz in the White House. Keep James at home. Cover up what Sally did.
My thoughts: Cyrus should resolve to treat James better and to stop putting his career first.

David: Stage a career comeback.
My thoughts: David should stop letting Abby use him and he should help her and the others because he wants to.

Fitz: Win the next election. Be with Olivia.
My thoughts: Fitz should go through with the plan that Olivia came up with in which he divorces Mellie and eventually marries Olivia. He should also do something to prove that he’s a great president.

Harrison: Play an actual role in a case.
My thoughts: Harrison should tell us his back story!

Huck: Keep Quinn out of Olivia Pope and Associates. Protect Olivia.
My thoughts: Huck should stop torturing people. He should apologize to Quinn.

Jake: Keep America safe from Rowan.
My thoughts: Jake is now Fitz’s lap dog. And he needs to stay away from Olivia.

Mellie: Keep Fitz in the White House. Keep herself in the White House.
My thoughts: Mellie needs to leave Fitz and find someone else.

Olivia: Find her mother and bring her to justice.
My thoughts: Olivia needs to return to working at the White House. At the very least she needs to become the campaign director for Fitz. And she needs to stop running from him!

Quinn: Figure out where to go from here.
My thoughts: Quinn needs to talk to Olivia, not to Huck.

As for me, I’ve been cheating on Scandal with Homeland. No, I’m not going to start a series about Homeland on my blog, but I am definitely a fan so far!