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Scandal Sunday #2–Overlapping Characters

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome to Week 2 of Scandal Sunday! Instead of delving into something deep and meaningful about the Scandal story today, I thought I’d share something I noticed while I was binge watching – there are a lot of stars on Scandal who previously starred in other shows. Some of the time I knew who the actor was right away; some of the time it took me a bit to remember what show I knew the star from! I by no means have watched every popular show out there, so I know I am not addressing all of these star-sightings, but here are just a few.

Main Cast

Jeff Perry – Thatcher Grey on Grey’s Anatomy and Cyrus Beene on Scandal


Kate Burton – Ellis Grey on Grey’s Anatomy and Sally Langston on Scandal


Season 1

Henry Ian Cusick – Desmond on Lost and Stephen on Scandal


Liza Weil – Paris on Gilmore Girls and Amanda Tanner on Scandal.


Leland Orser – Dr. Dubenko on ER and Sanders Black (gives us the background on the Gladiators) on Scandal.


George Newbern – Danny (the Yeti!) on Friends and Charlie on Scandal


Season Two

Brenda Strong – Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives and Joan Reston on Scandal


Andrea Bowen – Julie on Desperate Housewives and Maybelle Doyle on Scandal


Scott Foley – Henry on Grey’s Anatomy and Jake on Scandal (he was obviously Noel on Felicity as well!)


Keiko Agena – Lane in Gilmore Girls and Britta Kagen on Scandal


Gregg Henry – Michum Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls and Hollis Doyle on Scandal


Jasika Nicole – Astrid on Fringe and Kim on Scandal


Sam Anderson – Bernard on Lost and Melvin on Scandal


Season 3

Lisa Kudrow – Phoebe on Friends and Josie Marcus on Scandal


Paul Adelstein – Cooper on Private Practice and Leo Bergen on Scandal


For more like this, including shows I didn’t / don’t watch such as Sports Night and The West Wing, check out Everyone on Scandal Comes From Six Other Places on Vulture.

So so many of the actors on the show have appeared on Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice or both, but if they were only on those shows as patients, I probably didn’t recognize them! Did you?