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Getting Your Kids To Do Chores With ChoreMonster

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Here’s a question: do your kids do chores? If so, how do you get them to do their chores? You could pester them daily to do what you want, or you could make chore charts and put stickers on them every day and fill them up until you decide it’s time for a prize, or you could use an app to do this for you! ChoreMonster is an app that tells kids what their chores are, allows them to check them off when they are complete, and rewards them with points that they can save up for prizes. As the parent, you set the app with the chores, the points they are worth, and the prizes your kids can earn.


After each chore the kids complete, they get a ticket. They can use their tickets to spin the prize wheel and they can win new monsters for the app.


Ok, so the monsters don’t really help with chores, but they sure are funny and cute!

I love that this app is easy to control and to set up. It even has suggestions for chores to include for your child. I assigned each of my kids 5-6 chores, including “pick up books and toys,” “clear the table after dinner,” “finish your homework,” “brush your teeth,” and “pick up your clothes.” For Zachary I also included “put on your pajamas quickly.” You are able to search google images for a picture to add to each chore, which is very helpful for kids who can’t read. You then assign a point value to each chore. I made it simple by having each chore equal 5 points. Then you can set up rewards. I made 50 points equal an extra snack and 100 points equals ice cream. Zachary cashed in already for an extra snack, but Gabbie is saving her points for something unknown! I haven’t come up with prizes worth higher values yet!

The kids click on each chore to complete them for that day. (I do wish we could go back to the day before to check off chores, because my kids brush their teeth at bedtime and don’t get back on their app to check it off!) Then I get an email telling me they have completed a chore and asking me to approve it. Once I approve, they get their points and their ticket for the Monster Wheel. Earning a ticket for each chore helps provide instant gratification while they wait for their points to add up!

Dave thinks he needs to assign me chores through ChoreMonster. I’m not sure it would motivate me, but I’m glad it motivates the kids – at least some of the time!

I was asked to review this app via Canopi. No compensation was received.