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The End #31Days

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today is the conclusion of this 31 Days Series. I can hardly believe it! I hope that you have enjoyed my ideas for getting down your family’s story, be it on your blog, in a journal, or otherwise. I was thrilled that many people participated regularly and I’ve enjoyed reading your family stories, so I certainly hope you enjoyed writing them! For those who have not started the project but still may be interested in doing so, you can always find the links to all the prompts here.  I will always be happy to read your posts on the subject, so if you are finding this later, just comment!

My favorite prompts for this series came at the beginning, when we talked about our family history. I see that this is something that interests me and maybe I should do more research into my own family genealogy. I also still feel that it is important to save a record of things for my children and for future generations, so I’m glad this got me started on it.

Which prompts were the most interesting or fun for you to answer as participants?