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Looks and Personalities #31Days

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Something that I find interesting is how the same parents can have children that are so very different from one another. Or how certain families have kids who all look like each other – with half of their mother’s looks and half of their father’s looks. Today we are talking about looks and personalities. Are most of the people in your family similar to one another or do they all have different personalities? Who are you more like – your mother or your father? Do your children act more like one parent or the other? How about looks? Who do you resemble in your family?

I have brown eyes like my mom. My two older kids have the same color eyes as I do. My youngest has my husband’s eyes and I think he looks the most like my husband. My father and brother both have blue eyes. Everyone always says my brother and I have the same eyes – even though they are not the same color! As far as personality, there is always that questions of nurture vs. nature! I am like both my parents in different ways!

Feel free to tell me about your family’s looks and personalities in the comments or by leaving a link to your post!

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