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KC Pumpkin Patch–So Much To See!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Yesterday we finally made it to the KC Pumpkin Patch. We’ve been looking forward to our visit all month! There is a ton to do there and we had a great afternoon checking it all out.

Simon rode a trike.

Gabbie met the Pumpkin Princess

Simon and Zachary rode a train.

DSCN6668  DSCN6669
Zachary and Simon did some jumping.

Simon rode another train.

Simon and Zachary went down the pumpkin slide.

Gabbie struck a pose.

The wooden train was a big hit for all 3 kids.

We took a ride over to the corn maze.

DSCN6690  DSCN6696DSCN6699
We went through the maze and didn’t get lost.

DSCN6705  DSCN6707
Gabbie and Zachary posed on a car.

The boys went down a slide.

I managed to get a picture of all 3 smiling!

If only Zachary’s eyes were open…

Two of the three little pigs.

Zachary climbed a wall.

They actually wanted to go inside the Haunted Barn! Turns out it wasn’t so scary.

There were even more photo ops:

How Tall This Fall?

Pumpkin Coach

DSCN6745  DSCN6746DSCN6747

As you can see, we had a great time! There are so many activities and fun things to do at the KC Pumpkin Patch. At first, Gabbie was a little unsure and thought she might have been too old to enjoy, but she eventually had just as much fun as the other two. My only complaint would be just how many things there were to see and how the kids kept running off to check out the next thing – there were so many directions they could go, it was hard to choose! Thank you so much to USFG and the KC Pumpkin Patch for inviting my family and me to visit the Pumpkin Patch in exchange for this blog post!

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