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Family Foods #31Days

Friday, October 18, 2013

Moving on from this we do as a family, what about things we eat as a family? Do you have any family foods? Things that other families may not eat? Or do you have a favorite family meal? Are there recipes that have been passed down in your family? Do you enjoy family meals out? Do you have a favorite family restaurant?

Like I said the other day,we eat most of our dinners together. My kids are picky eaters so we don’t have many meals that all of us enjoy, aside from of course pizza! We have special meals on Friday nights and Saturdays. We also love to eat with our friends! We are very rarely able to eat at restaurants due to our dietary laws, but when we travel, we make the most of any kosher restaurants we can! My brother-in-law actually owns a restaurant and I would have to say it is our family’s favorite!

Feel free to tell me about the food your family likes in the comments or by leaving a link to your post!

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