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Mommy Camp Week 4

Friday, August 16, 2013

Well, we’ve reached the end of Mommy Camp. It went so much better than I expected it to – so much that I’m not even looking forward to school starting on Monday! There are three things I’m worried about with the start of school – making school lunches, getting everyone up and out in the morning, and getting homework done. When I think about it I feel overwhelmed! I know we just have to get back into the routine and it will be fine though.

Last week I mentioned that Dave would be taking over Mommy Camp on Friday, but as it turned out, his sister brought her kids and my bigger kids to SkyZone, a trampoline jumping place. They had a good time, especially Zachary!


This week, Mommy Camp was off on Monday, but I still ended up taking the boys to a birthday party for one of Zachary’s friends at Chuck E Cheese, so that was kind of our event for the day! In the afternoon the kids went with their aunt and their grandparents to the farm and I went to Macy’s to get fitted for a bra. That was lots of fun, let me tell you (sarcasm).



Gabbie started off the day with some paint projects. We also went swimming in the morning at a friends’ house. It was very nice. In the afternoon we went to see Disney Planes. The kids seemed to like it and were only scared of the storm scene. Simon wasn’t quite as into it as the others and tried to switch seats a lot! I’m glad we went though!

DSCN5974  DSCN5975DSCN5977  DSCN5978


Wednesday was our big trip this week. We went to Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm, where we learned about a farm from the 1860’s and got to experience some things they did there. The kids did the chores – they set the table, gathered logs, pumped water and watered the plants, ground corn and fed the chickens, etc. We also got to take a Stagecoach ride. This farm was a stagecoach stop on the Santa Fe trail. It was pretty interesting. Gabbie was comparing it to the Little House books which was very cool to hear!

DSCN5988  DSCN5989
They showed us some games the family would play.

The bedrooms in the house.

Setting the table.

Gathering logs.

DSCN6005  DSCN6006DSCN6007  DSCN6008
Pumping water and watering plants.

Demonstrating the apron the girls would wear.

The stagecoach.

DSCN6012  DSCN6013
The horses were so cute. They were called Ace and Chip.

DSCN6014DSCN6015  DSCN6016DSCN6017  DSCN6018DSCN6019DSCN6020
Grinding the corn and feeding the chickens.

I don’t think we were actually supposed to walk up to this sculpture / mural, but we were looking for a geocache. We didn’t find it, but still got a few cute pictures!

That afternoon, we had a playdate with our friends and we got to try out some of the new games I received from Hasbro via Monopoly released a new cat as one of the game pieces, so they wanted us to check it out!


As if the day wasn’t busy enough, at 4:30 I had a meeting at the kids’ school and since Dave was at work, I arranged a babysitter for the kids, who played with them outside of the room the meeting was in. I probably should have just skipped the meeting, but that’s another story!


Compared to Wednesday, we did nothing on Thursday! In the morning we went to JCP for our yearly birthday photographs. Normally I do the kids’ pictures one at a time, around their birthdays, but I think this way I actually ended up spending less money than I would have if I’d gotten for each separately. I did get their pictures separate and also a few together, though Simon wasn’t very cooperative! Hopefully I’ll be able to change my header up above to reflect my kids being a year older than they were in the current pictures!

In the afternoon we organized our school supplies. I made myself a carpool chart to keep track of who is driving who when and where and Gabbie copied her afternoon schedule down to hang in her locker. Now I’m concerned about Zachary remembering where to go after school! (Some days he has to come outside, some days he has to meet our friend who is a teacher there and will drive him home, with Gabbie too).

In the evening we attended the Back to School Bash at school.


Today is drop in day both at Simon’s preschool and the bigger kids’ school. So we will be heading over there to visit the classroom and drop off school supplies!

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