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Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To School

Today is the first day of school. I mentioned last week that there are a few things I’m worried about regarding the start of school and I thought I’d share a bit more about those things today. Yes this may be a bit of a whine fest, but let’s get it out in the open!

1. Carpooling / Schedules


This is my chart before I filled it in. And then I changed it a bunch of times. Basically, Simon has school from 9-12:30 and I am driving and picking him up every day. Almost every day I will also be driving his friends either to school or back or both. Gabbie and Zachary start school at 7:55 and thankfully they have a ride to school every day. For pick ups, Zachary gets out every day at 3:40 (except Fridays when it’s 2:50) and Gabbie gets out later than Zachary on Mondays and Wednesdays. So some days they both have a ride home, some days I pick them up, some days I pick one of them up and not the other, etc. It definitely gets confusing!

2. School Lunches

We send lunch daily at our schools and we must send dairy or vegetarian lunches. I was going to post a round up of Bento Box lunch ideas but I couldn’t find enough that I liked! So I’ll just show you the lunches my kids are eating today.

Simon’s lunch includes carrots, grapes, cheese, and crackers. He is generally the easiest of my kids to feed because he likes almost everything!

This is Gabbie’s lunch. She started liking eggs lately and this way I have a protein to give her! She made the cheese toothpicks herself! I feel like this one needs a bit more color.

Zachary’s lunch is the least Bento-like because the only thing he eats is bagels with cheese – for breakfast and for lunch! He also gets the unhealthy pudding and juice box. I don’t think he likes any healthy foods at all.

I made a list of ideas to put in Simon’s and Gabbie’s lunches to offer some variety each day. I think Zachary’s is always going to be the same! Here is the list:

Apples, berries, carrots, cheese, crackers, craisins, cucumbers, eggs, grapes, kiwi, mini muffins, peanut butter, pickles, and pretzels.

3. Getting Up and Out in the Morning

Like I mentioned Gabbie and Zachary start school at 7:55 each morning. The problem is that most of us have been sleeping until 8 AM this summer! To be honest, I think the kids will be fine waking up earlier, it’s myself that I’m worried about! Today I am driving them to school, which also means getting Simon ready an hour earlier than I’d normally have to. So, I guess you can wish us (me) luck.

4. Homework.

With the failure that was completion of summer homework, I am hoping and praying that the kids will be ok with daily assignments coming home! I have heard Gabbie will get a lot as a 3rd grader and I know Zachary will have more than he did in kindergarten. Their rule is to do their homework as soon as they get home, but there are days when Gabbie won’t be home until after 5 PM (on Wednesdays, when dance starts, she won’t be home till after 6).

By the time school gets going, I’m sure these things will work out and fall into routine! For now, I still feel worried! How about you? By the way, does the new header look blurry to you? I’m not sure if I should try again or leave it how it is!


Janine Huldie said...

Still can't believe yoyr kids go back to school today. We have another two weeks here still for most schools and pre-school for my girls actually doesn't start for another week after that. But trust so there are things I am not looking forward to either. Just hoping the year goes quick and smoothly though now, too!!

Munchkins and the Military said...

Good luck! V starts going to preschool tomorrow also, and I'm worried about the same things!
To piggy back on Janine's comment, in Georgia, they started school a week and a half ago. I was surprised that school doesn't start here for another few weeks.

Breenah said...

The schedules of them getting out of school is ridiculous! I'm glad you're able to keep it all organized.

Holly Higgins said...

I'm so glad I have another couple years before I have to worry about getting the kids to and from school!

Tamar SB said...

Happy 1st day!!

So funny about how picky Zachary is! I had a student who ate pudding and cookies at snack and lunch, every day...

You start 5 minutes before us - and go late on Fridays! we get out at 2, but shabbas starts before 4 for like 3 weeks in the winter!

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

Happy First Day of School!! Lol. You are one busy mama, that's for sure! I was getting confused just trying to follow that school drop-off and pick-up chart...I would definitely need a schedule like yours to help me. I need to keep all of this in mind for when I have 2-3 kids in school. I am wishing you LOTS of luck...and enjoy some of that downtime when they are all in school :)

Stephanie Stuart said...

We made the Ultimate *Back-to-School List* ALL MADE IN USA! Let's start this school year off right! I sincerely hope this helps you out! Please share it so others can buy American!

Sara said...

Your calendar scares me. That is a whole lot to remember. Ha Zachary's lunch looks like what I would send Collin with. Hope your getting into the swing of it.