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What I’ve Been Reading #19 and “Old School Blogging”

Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Friday, I didn’t review any books because I wanted to review these two together. Since the surgery, my reading has been a big slower, so these are actually the only two books I’ve finished in the last two weeks! Interestingly though, they are books number 25 and 26 for the year, meaning since my birthday in November. Number 9 on my list of things to do this year was to read 25 books. Well, 25 or more. So that goal is done. I wonder if I can double that original goal and reach 50 total before my next birthday!

These are the two books I received from Jen in the Sip, Read, Swap. If I Stay is the first of the duo: “In the blink of an eye everything changes. Seventeen ­year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall what happened afterwards, watching her own damaged body being taken from the wreck. Little by little she struggles to put together the pieces- to figure out what she has lost, what she has left, and the very difficult choice she must make. Heartwrenchingly beautiful, Mia's story will stay with you for a long, long time.” The way If I Stay is written is very interesting. Mia is able to watch herself be treated in the hospital after a serious car accident. The book alternates between sections of her watching herself and her visitors and sections with stories of her family and her past, through which the reader learns all about her family and friends. Mia seemed to have the perfect life before the accident. Her family was very close and are “cool” so much that her boyfriend bonds with her father with almost unrealistic ease. Of course, the point of the book is to demonstrate a perfect life torn apart. Mia is given a choice in the book and the reader must wonder if she would choose what Mia chose in the end.

Being that there is a sequel to If I Stay, Mia’s choice is pretty much spoiled from the beginning! Where She Went continues the story begun in If I Stay, this time written from the point of view of Adam, Mia’s boyfriend. “Ever since Mia's decision to stay - but not with him - Adam's career has been on a wonderful trajectory. His album, borne from the anguish and pain of their breakup, has made him a bona fide star. And Mia herself has become a top-rate cellist, playing in some of the finest venues in the world. When their respective paths put them both in New York City at the same time, the result is a single night in which the two reunite - with wholly satisfying results.” This time, more details were revealed that we did not get in If I Stay, such as the first names of Mia’s parents as just a silly example. It is quite obvious that the view point in Where She Went is not the same view point introduced in If I Stay. Adam’s voice was more real to me than Mia’s, maybe because he didn’t have the perfect life that Mia was shown has having before the accident. I may have missed a bit of the story due to being on painkillers when I finished it, but I was a little confused by what happened when Adam and Mia met up again. Even though I was confused, I was happy with how the story ended.

This week I also wanted to share something a little different – 5 blog posts I read this week that I enjoyed and would recommend!
  1. I Am Breastfeeding a Toddler – written by Heather, but also described me up until a few weeks ago!
  2. Hawaii Hikes: Mount Olomana (Three Peaks) – Gorgeous pictures by Tarole, making me jealous that when I was in Hawaii I only hiked the typical tourist hike – Diamond Head!
  3. Brand Your Facebook Page – Awesome tutorial by Marquis about how to change the icons on your facebook page.
  4. The Joys of Simple Things – Kera appreciated the small things in life that bring her joy. I chimed in with one of my favorite small joys – listening to Simon sing to himself.
  5. A Daddy-Daughter Road Trip – Shelley’s husband took their 3 daughters on a road trip at then blogged about it. Sort of like Dave did when he took our kids to St. Louis! Cason’s post made me smile.


Finally, I was tagged by my friend Misty to answer these questions about me – her answers can by found here. Apparently answering questions about yourself and then tagging other bloggers to do the same is a form of “old school blogging.” Well, I don’t think I’ll tag anyone, but I’m happy to answer the questions!

1. How did your husband pop the big question?

Just like Misty said, I knew it was coming and yet I was still surprised! I honestly had no clue it was going to happen that day – I even pointed out some engagement rings to Dave not thinking there was any way he’d already bought me one! He actually had told me he had to go get a drug test for the job he was getting hired at but he really had gone to buy me a ring. Anyway, that day we went to New York City and saw the show Chicago on Broadway. After the show, he had a limo waiting for us and he asked me in the limo. There was champagne and the limo driver bought us roses. Aww, how sweet. PS We were both seniors in college at the time!

2. What are the 3 most surprising things about married life?

I pretty much feel really old reading a lot of the blog I read by girls who are newly married. I have to think back 12.5 years to remember what was surprising about married life!

  • Surprise #1 – The first year was hard. We didn’t live together before hand so we had to adjust to living together. We did and still do have differing views on what time bedtime is, for example!
  • Surprise #2 – you don’t HAVE to go to bed (sleep) at the same time!
  • Surprise #3 – Marriage roles don’t have to be what everyone expects. In our house my husband does most of the cooking. I just am not that good at it. And as I learn about other people I realize we’re not the only couple like this!

Image (18)

3. How did you find out you were pregnant for the first time?

I found out I was pregnant via a blood test. At the time I needed some help getting pregnant and therefore was scheduled for a blood work pregnancy test on the first day I’d be able to find out. And I was pregnant! Actually, the story of how I found out I was pregnant with Simon is a bit more interesting. I thought I could be so I took a test and the test was positive, but I didn’t trust myself that I was reading it right. So I bought one of those tests that tell you Positive or Negative in words and I went to my kids’ preschool to pick them up. Before I got them though, I went into the bathroom and did the test! Now every time I use that bathroom I remember it is where I found out I was pregnant with Simon.

4. How did you choose your first baby’s name?

Gabriella is after my grandfather. His name was Bernard, but in Hebrew it was Berel, so I kind of used the same letters: B, R, and L. Kind of. Her middle name is Devorah, which was Dave’s grandmother’s Hebrew name.


5. Describe where you see yourself 10 years from now...

In 10 years Gabbie will be 18! Zachary will be almost 16 and Simon will be almost 13. So instead of planning a 3rd birthday party I’ll be planning a Bar Mitzvah! OMG. I see myself as their old mom.

6. Describe how you find bliss using words or images?

PicMonkey Collage
Something like this!

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Have a great weekend!