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Spring Break Adventure #3–Crown Center

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last week, I shared our spring break adventure at Union Station. That same day, we headed over to Crown Center’s Funville exhibit. Crown Center’s free play area changes exhibits every 3 months or so. This one is all about careers, or what you may want to be.

“What do you want to be when you grow up-a zookeeper, an astronaut, a firefighter, a school teacher, a veterinarian, a football player, a racecar driver or even the President of the United States? Kids can experience all these grown-up occupations and more, in a kid friendly environment. They can forecast the weather, do magic tricks, work in a barbershop, ride a tractor and even ride a bull. In "FUNVILLE," the most important job is to have fun!”

I did not think it would take us a long time to visit, but the kids actually loved it! They tried out every single option available and I was impressed by the details in each section. Hence, another overload of pictures!

Gabbie as meteorologist

Zachary as cameraman

Simon as “in the way”

DSCN2709  DSCN2712
Zachary as construction worker / Gabbie as magician

DSCN2713  DSCN2716
Gabbie as guitarist / bull rider

Simon as bull rider

 DSCN2718  DSCN2719
Gabbie and Simon as “getting haircuts”

DSCN2720  DSCN2722
Gabbie as artist / president

DSCN2723DSCN2724  DSCN2725
Gabbie, Zachary, and Simon as doctors or veterinarians

DSCN2726  DSCN2727DSCN2728  DSCN2729
Gabbie, Zachary, and Simon in the circus

DSCN2733  DSCN2732
Gabbie and Simon as teacher / student

DSCN2734  DSCN2735DSCN2731  DSCN2736
Gabbie, Zachary, and Simon as farmers

Gabbie as astronaut

DSCN2738  DSCN2739
Zachary and Simon as firemen

Zachary and Simon as race car drivers

DSCN2745  DSCN2746DSCN2747  DSCN2748DSCN2750  DSCN2752
Gabbie, Zachary, and Simon as surfers / lifeguards

And finally, all 3 as car repair people!

If you made it through all of that, thank you. Do you think your kids would enjoy a place like this? Which display would catch their attention more than others? My kids played the longest at the circus, the school, the racecar, and the car repair shop!

PS All 3 kids are wearing Gymboree in these pictures. Gabbie is all Gymbo minus the boots, which are Old Navy. Zachary is wearing Naartjie pants and Simon’s pants are Circo!