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Spring Break Adventure #1–Swimming

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today is the last day of spring break – Passover ended last night. Our spring break was a bit strange, as the big kids were off on Friday March 15 (when we went to Legoland) and Monday March 18. Then everyone was off again from March 25 until today. Some of the days off were occupied with the holiday of Passover and other days we tried to do a lot of fun things! Because I took so many pictures and I don’t want my posts to get overwhelming, I’m going to share the fun things that we did one at a time.

First up: Going back to March 18, I decided to take the kids swimming at the Matt Ross Community Center.

We started out in the climbing area. This part is free and the kids actually entertained themselves in it for awhile, but Simon is a bit too small and I had to get in there with him to help him climb up and down! There is a toddler area but he only stayed interested in that for a bit.


The play area overlooks the pool and Simon was getting antsy to head down there!


Getting everyone into bathing suits took a little while, but once everyone was set, they all had a great time. They definitely could have stayed there all day! Simon loved the little slide and the big kids loved that they could stand anywhere in the water so they swam (or floated) all over the place!


Of course I couldn’t get many pictures because I had to get in the water with them and therefore I had to put the camera away!

I do have to give a shout out to the Matt Ross lifeguards. I was in the pool near the side with all 3 kids near me and was within touching distance of Simon, when he decided to climb out of the pool. I must have looked away as he lost his balance and fell back into the water. I immediately picked him up (although it felt like a long time as I looked at my baby under the water, I’m sure I grabbed him right away) and at the same time, the lifeguard was by our side making sure that Simon was ok. Thankfully Simon was fine, and I was impressed by the lifeguard’s fast response.

Aside from that scary moment, we had a great time!