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How I Make A Few Extra Bucks Online

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I participate in a variety of online buck making programs and today I want to share a few of them with you. Please keep in mind that these may be affiliate links and you may be helping me out if you decide to sign up! There are a few types of sites out there – earn by clicking, searching, shopping, surveys…and here are my favorite of each type.

1. For earning per clicks, I love My Points. I’ve been a member of My Points for years – since I was in college actually – and over those years I’ve earned lots and lots of gift cards. You can earn points for a variety of things such as shopping, surveys, etc, but I’ve earned all my points from clicking on emails that give approximately 5 points per click. Like I said I’ve been a member for years, but I’ve found that the points do add up. I currently have 4,284 points and a $10 Amazon gift card is worth 1,700 points! Guess I’d better cash in some points, huh!

Search & Win

2. I earn via searching through SwagBucks. I have earned approximately $135 in Amazon gift cards using SwagBucks. I have been a member for just over 2 years and if I spent time doing a lot of their earning options I could have made even more money. I installed their search toolbar and anytime I search for something online, I use their search engine, which works just like Google. I earn points for searches and also for various codes that they release.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3. When I shop online, I earn through EBates. I joined Ebates in 2008 but didn’t start earning with them until last year. When I shop online I click through from Ebates before I check out and then I get money back through Ebates. I have earned $26.81 total.

4. I have two favorite survey sites. I used to belong to many more but I find the most worthy sites are E-Poll and esearch. Through E-Poll I have earned $15 in Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards, $5 in Amazon gift cards, and $65 through PayPal. I have been a member for 4 years, but the points add up fast. The difference with esearch is that you get paid for each individual survey you qualify for. They vary from about $1.50-$5 per survey. I don’t have a way to tell you how much I have earned through them but I know I have qualified for a good amount and been paid for all of them.


5. For a unique and fun experience, try Crowdtap! I have never been a member of another site like this one. You earn points by answering questions, completing missions, and even sampling products. I joined 4 months ago and have already earned $10 to Amazon, plus a free screening of Hotel Transylvania to review. It is fun and easy to earn points and I’m very happy so far!

I hope you are interested in some of these programs. If you do join, let me know!