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Flashback Feature #25–Israel Part 4

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It is Israel month here at my Flashback Feature. Continuing on from last week, I am sharing my family’s trip to Israel in April of 2011. Simon was 7 months old, Zachary was 3.5 and Gabbie was 6. We went for Passover and visited Dave’s sister and family, who moved to Israel in 2009. This week I’m once again sharing a variety of pictures from places we visited around Israel. There are a lot of photos – hopefully they will be interesting and enjoyable!

The kids by the house we stayed in.

IMG_4484IMG_4486IMG_4488IMG_4489IMG_4490IMG_4491IMG_4494IMG_4495  IMG_4496IMG_4501IMG_4502IMG_4504

Falafel – yum.

Gabbie and Zachary and a street performer.

A visit with some more friends.

One more shopping trip in Jerusalem.
IMG_4550IMG_4551IMG_4553IMG_4554IMG_4558  IMG_4559IMG_4561  IMG_4562IMG_4563IMG_4565IMG_4568
Simon loves his cousins!

That concludes my flashback to our trip to Israel! Two years ago we were on our way home. Hopefully you all enjoyed these picture loaded posts!

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