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Flashback Feature #24–Israel Part 3

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It is Israel month here at my Flashback Feature. Continuing on from last week, I am sharing my family’s trip to Israel in April of 2011. Simon was 7 months old, Zachary was 3.5 and Gabbie was 6. We went for Passover and visited Dave’s sister and family, who moved to Israel in 2009. This week I’m sharing a variety of pictures from places we visited around Israel. There are once again a lot of photos – hopefully they will be interesting and enjoyable!

These first few pictures was taken at one of my favorite Israel places – a craft market in Tel Aviv.

This is the beach in Tel Aviv.

And the beach in Ashdod.

These pictures are from the market in Jerusalem!
IMG_4419  IMG_4420IMG_4421IMG_4424IMG_4426IMG_4427IMG_4428IMG_4430IMG_4432IMG_4433IMG_4434IMG_4436IMG_4437IMG_4438IMG_4439IMG_4440IMG_4441IMG_4444

This is what the buildings in the area look like:

There will be more Israel pictures to share next week, so come back and see them!

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