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Flashback Feature #23–Israel Part 2

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today is Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israeli Independence Day! It is also Israel month here at my Flashback Feature. Continuing on from last week, I am sharing my family’s trip to Israel in April of 2011. Simon was 7 months old, Zachary was 3.5 and Gabbie was 6. We went for Passover and visited Dave’s sister and family, who moved to Israel in 2009. Another important thing we did was visit our friends who have moved to Israel! There are once again a lot of photos – hopefully they will be interesting and enjoyable!

With our first set of friends, we went to the mall and ate!
IMG_4285  IMG_4287IMG_4288  IMG_4289IMG_4290  IMG_4292IMG_4294  IMG_4295IMG_4296

With our second set of friends, we went for a hike in the north of Israel. Hiking is an Israeli favorite pastime! I wore Simon for the hike and Dave wore Zachary for most of it!
IMG_4308IMG_4309  IMG_4312IMG_4315IMG_4316IMG_4318IMG_4319IMG_4320IMG_4322IMG_4327IMG_4328IMG_4329IMG_4330IMG_4332  IMG_4333IMG_4335IMG_4337IMG_4338  IMG_4339IMG_4340  IMG_4341IMG_4342IMG_4344IMG_4345IMG_4346IMG_4347IMG_4348IMG_4350  IMG_4354IMG_4355IMG_4357IMG_4358IMG_4360IMG_4361

After the hike, we went out for dinner.


Phew. That was quite a lot of photos for one post! If you enjoyed them, don’t forget to come back next week for more Israel pictures!