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April Goals

Sunday, April 7, 2013

It’s time to make my monthly goals and share them here for accountability! First, a look back.


  1. Clean the house for Passover.
  2. Do December and January Project Life pages.
  3. Come up with something to do on the kids’ days off from school – there are 5 of them that are not Passover holiday days.
  4. Plan Gabbie’s birthday party.
  5. Buy Gabbie’s birthday present.
  6. Since I’m getting closer to 300 followers via GFC – start planning a 300 follower giveaway!
  7. Get my Box of Books swap started.
  8. Decide what to do with Simon after his music class ends. (His teacher is retiring – waah.)
  9. Drink more water.
  10. OK. Run for 15 minutes at 6.2 mph. I really have to do this.


  1. Done. This was a no choice about it goal! We got everything cleaned for Passover, yay!
  2. Done – see my Project Life pages here.
  3. Done. I am in the process of sharing the things we did on the kids’ days off of school.
  4. In progress. Gabbie’s party will be on April 14 so I’m still planning it. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a bit about the plans, so check back!
  5. Done. Gabbie got Olivia’s House – the Lego set she really wanted – from us and my parents combined. She also received a gift card from my brother and his wife and money from Dave’s parents so she combined that and got the Lego Friends pool set! She has a whole Lego Friends village going on now.
  6. Done. I reached 300 Followers and held a giveaway. You can still enter right here!!
  7. Done. My Box of Books Swap went out and is moving on to person #2!
  8. Done. I decided to continue Simon’s music class in a new location. We have attended there twice and he has adjusted pretty well so far.
  9. Well. I tried to drink more water a few times. Does anyone know when you stop having to pee all the time when you drink a lot? I will have to continue working on this.
  10. Not Done. I haven’t really run that much this month at all. Oops. I did run outside twice which I really like but is much slower for me and with more walking breaks. I can run a mile but then I’m so out of breath…I am not sure how to improve that other than go slower, but if I go slower I’d be stopped!


Since I’ve been posting my goal posts on the first Sunday of the month and April started on a Monday, I’ve already started on some of these goals! I figured I’d include them anyway since they are in progress.

  1. Wean Simon. Yes he is 2.5 and still nursing. Or not – I stopped nursing him on April 3 and today is day 5 cold turkey no nursing and it’s going great! He’s asked for it a few times but he really has adjusted amazingly so far!
  2. Eat healthier meals. This one is also in progress already and I’ve been working on cutting down on sugar and white flour and filling up on veggies and protein. I need to figure out some more easy to prepare protein sources though!
  3. Finish planning Gabbie’s party and hold her party on the 14th.
  4. Do Project Life pages for February.
  5. Get everything ready for my parents’ visit and my surgery.
  6. Make it through the few weeks after the surgery.
  7. Finish getting my Mom a Minute series ready to go live. Any mom readers want to join in? I’m featuring various moms on my blog starting on April 17!
  8. Get my Israel Flashback Feature ready to go for the next 4 Tuesdays in April.
  9. Make it to at least one consignment sale and find bargain clothes for the kids.
  10. Complete at least one thing from my 35 Things list.

So it’s looking to be an interesting month!