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Gabbie Is Turning 8!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear Gabriella,

Tomorrow you turn 8 years old. That is, of course, unbelievable to me, as 8 years is such a long time and yet it feels like just yesterday when you were a tiny baby refusing to nap without me holding you. On the one hand it is incredibly sad that I can’t hold you like that anymore. On the other, it is amazing to see you becoming a beautiful young lady.


You are a 2nd grader with just 2 months left this school year. Then I’ll have a 3rd grader, which is crazy in itself! You are a proud dancer – this year you are doing ballet and tap – and you look forward to your recital all year long. You love art and talk about one day being an art teacher or a ballet teacher. Right now, you are the best big sister to your little brothers and an amazing friend. You like to pretend with Zachary and your friends. I have heard that on the playground you and your friends pretend you are penguins! You are very creative and have big ideas about everything.

You are scared of storms and noises, the dark, spiders, and movies. You love Legos and watching Disney Junior on TV. You still like Disney Princesses, although you don’t want your friends to know. You love to read and have almost completed the Little House series. Of course, you can always be found dancing!

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No matter what you become I will always love you!

Happy Birthday to my only girl, my biggest and first, the one who made me a mom!

Love, Mommy

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