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Purim Part 2 (And School Projects)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Yesterday before heading out to the Purim meal / party, Simon decided he did not want to wear a dress anymore. Good thing he has a big brother who was James from Thomas at age 2 – Simon was totally happy to dress as a “twain”!

DSCN2286  DSCN2287
DSCN2305  DSCN2389

The party was a lot of fun with a yummy dinner, good music, and a funny magician which all the kids (and adults) loved. See if you can spot my kids in the crowd pictures!

Zachary was right up in front petting the bunny that came out of the magician’s box.

Today Simon went to school for his Purim party there and the big kids had their Purim carnival. Simon and Zachary brought home the projects they should have brought home before Purim if they’d had school!

Simon’s I Spy Grogger (noisemaker)

Simon’s paper plate hamentashen (cookie shaped like Haman’s hat).

And a picture of him making it!

Simon’s mask

DSCN2416  DSCN2417
Zachary’s Shalach Manot and Mordechai grogger

Zachary’s picture of the 4 things we do on Purim

So cute title page from the kindergarten Megillah (book, in this case, of Esther)

One of Zachary’s pages – Mordechai is sitting on the wall outside the palace.

One side of the Megillah all unrolled

Zachary’s other page. The king and Haman drank with Esther and Esther accused Haman.

Zachary rolling up his Megillah

Today at 9:30 AM I got the text that school is closed tomorrow because we are expecting more snow. They better not be mistaken with canceling school so far in advance! Everything is canceled this evening too – although I have to drop off my sale items for the consignment sale and I’m hoping the snow won’t stop before Dave can help me do that! (Drop off was supposed to be tomorrow!)