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Winter Entry Way Decor

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back in September, I showed you my fall entry way decor. I’ve just updated it for winter! First, take a look at what it looked like in September:


As of today, it looks like this:


You may notice that I moved our large letter G down, and added the picture of the kids that we had taken before my brother’s wedding. Now the wall looks a bit more even.


I found these cute trays at Michael’s and I added some dreidels. I also used some of the red potpourri left from the fall.

I used the same pinecones from my fall display and I added sticks that I found in my yard! The white snowflake is from Target.

It was Gabbie’s idea to put our small Menorahs on the display as well. I think they look cute. I also have my heart shaped dish with some snowball shaped decor, a pine cone, and another dreidel.

I would have liked to replace the “Welcome Friends” sign with something similar but in more wintery colors, but I haven’t found such a thing yet! For now, I am enjoying the simple, slightly wintery display. What do you think?

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