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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Knitted Teacher’s Gifts and Hanukkah Night 4

Today the kids are taking their teacher’s Hanukkah gifts to school. (Well, Simon took his yesterday). Gabbie wanted to take hers in right away on Monday, but I wasn’t ready yet! My kids have a ton of teachers – Simon has two, Zachary has three, and Gabbie has four! We bought some candy platters in NJ for some of the teachers, but for the first time ever I decided to knit gifts for some of the teachers. My yarn store is going out of business (waaah) so they had a half price sale and I bought some super soft alpaca yarn to use. I think I might be allergic to it though! The fibers kept coming off as I knitted and I’d breathe them in and my nose would get stuffed up. This happened much more so with the grey yarn than the green. I hope none of the teachers are allergic to alpaca!

This scarf is for Simon’s teacher. It came out kind of short, but if she double wraps it around her neck it will be like a cowl.

I was going to make fancy gift tags but that didn’t work out. I used some of the Project Life Core Kit Cobalt edition. I ordered the kit so I can try Project Life – one of my 35 by 35 goals!

Candy for one teacher and scarf for the other.

DSCN1541 DSCN1542
Green scarf for Zachary’s teacher. This was the first time I did fringes on a scarf.

DSCN1543 DSCN1544
Grey scarf #2 – for Gabbie’s teacher.

Group shot of the gifts.

While I’m sharing knitted gifts, I have to share this one that I made for a friend’s baby girl:

 DSCN1397 DSCN1398

Cute skirt – modeled by cuter baby!


As for us, we had the 4th night of Hanukkah last night!

Zachary was busy putting together his Legos – we already put them together but he wanted to do it again, this time all by himself! He’s doing great so far!

Completely blurry picture of Simon dancing to Maoz Tzur.

Four candles.

Simon crawling under my legs.

Presents tonight were from Uncle Mark and Aunt Sara!

 DSCN1552   DSCN1555   DSCN1558 DSCN1559 DSCN1560
Zachary wanted to know if his new activity books had any mazes inside – and then got very excited when he saw dot-to-dots!

Thanks Uncle Mark and Aunt Sara!


Mark Papier said...

Gabbie's eyes as she is opening it are amazing. She looks so excited!!!! hahaha.

Roshni AaMom said...

Wow!! You're so talented to make such beautiful scarves! I'm sure they will be appreciated! Lovely pics as usual...and thanks for taking ignorant people like me through all days of the celebration!

Dayna said...

That green scarf is MAGNIFICENT! All of them are fantastic, but I just stopped and stared at the green one for a bit as I scrolled, it is so beautiful! I am a total sucker for jewel tones :P

Raising Reagan said...

Ok seriously? You are amazing. Those are the best gifts and I LOVE the green scarf!
The baby's skirt is adorable!


Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

The baby skirt is oh so cute! And the scarves are beautiful.

Friendship bracelets, I made so many of those when I was Gabbie's age.

I have heard of project life but don't know what it is exactly.....