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Sukkah Pictures

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yesterday I went to Zachary’s class to do a craft with him and then have lunch in the school Sukkah. (Not sure what I’m talking about? Read here!) I brought my camera with me, but when I got to the Jewish Community Campus (where our school is located), the entire parking lot was completely full and I couldn’t find a place to park anywhere near the school side of the building! I ended up parking as far away as possible and wouldn’t you know it? I left my camera in the car. So instead of pictures of Zachary making a paper chain (which was then attached to all the other kids’ chains and hung in the school Sukkah) and of us eating hot dogs together, I thought I’d share pictures of other people’s Sukkahs! (Actually the plural of Sukkah is Sukkot, like the name of the holiday!) Here are some I found on pinterest! (Click the photos for the sources).

I love that last one. So you see, ours is pretty simple comparatively!