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My New Bracelet

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In early August I signed up to be a part of the jewelry swap hosted by Melissa at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife. The idea was to pick out a piece of jewelry from your own closet and send it to your swap partner. I was assigned Melanie at Metropolitan Money Pit as the person I was to send to. She asked for something “vintage” and I combed through my jewelry box before deciding to send her this:

(photo credit goes to Melanie)

Melanie posted about the swap here. Melissa had a link up where everyone could post about what they received in the swap. Unfortunately, whoever was assigned to send me something did not follow through. It is now two weeks since the sending deadline and I did not receive anything. Melissa’s assistant Kendall has been very sweet and has tried to contact my swapper, but she did not reply to her. So Kendall told me they will send me out something if they don’t hear back from my swapper. Of course I feel badly that they would have to do that, but I appreciate their efforts greatly!!

Since I didn’t receive my swap, I felt justified in buying myself a new bracelet set! On Friday I was at the mall looking for a few more pairs of shorts for Zachary to wear to school, when I noticed a store called Icing. I remembered the name as The Icing, but this store looked much more mature. It turns out that this particular store is a tester store for Icing’s new look. (I talked to the girl working there, but she didn’t give me anything to mention the store on my blog, haha!). Anyway, this bracelet set jumped out at me and I decided to buy it.

DSCN0102 DSCN0104

Apparently the hamsa (see my hamsa art here) and the eye jewelry found everywhere in Israel is now popular and available in mainstream culture. I like it and it matched great with my new blue shirt when I wore it yesterday!