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A Boring Sunday

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today was a pretty boring Sunday. Although we did a lot of things, we didn’t go anywhere very exciting, nor did I take any exciting pictures! What is a boring Sunday in our family? Well, here’s a peak.

We all got up around 8 AM, which was a treat on the kids-don’t-let-us-sleep-in clock. We talked briefly about doing something in the morning hours, but that didn’t happen. Everyone laid around for awhile, talking to various people on facetime, watching Disney Junior, etc. (That was the kids, not me. I did laundry, mostly).

At 11 AM the parents had a school meeting about the program our kids are in. The kids got to play in one of the school classrooms while we were there (with a volunteer babysitter). After the meeting we went to Hen House to eat lunch. Hen House is a supermarket, but there’s an area with tables and we got: sushi, bagels, cream cheese, rolls, egg salad, and a chocolate croissant. We didn’t all eat all of these things!

Next it was time for Simon to take a nap. The big kids went to the Shofar Factory where they got to make their own shofars! A shofar is a horn, typically from a ram, used mainly on Rosh Hashanah, which is next week! Dave took these pictures:

IMG-20120909-00054 IMG-20120909-00055

And here are the shofars that came home:
Gabbie's is on the left and Zachary's is on the right.

When the kids got home, we had a babysitter come over so Dave and I could take our weekly long run. I am really glad we’ve been running our long runs together for the past few weeks, as there is pretty much no way I’d get through them without him! Today we were up to 8 miles, that’s 2 miles up from our previous 6. My job is to map out where we need to run to. Dave didn’t believe me when I told him we’d gone 4 miles and we had to turn back. We ended up running 8.5 miles total! This was a good thing, as our pace was faster than we’d been thinking. We are holding at approximately 13 minutes per mile, a little more than that actually. I know it sounds sooo slow, but it is what it is. I never thought I’d be running 3 miles, much less 8, so there’s that too.

We got back and ate dinner, put the kids to bed, and I went out to a program about temperament theory and understanding personalities. It was very interesting and afterwards my friends and I tried to decide our personality types and that of our husbands and children. Here is a link I found if you are interested. I had decided I’m an idealist, and now I see the temperaments are connected to the Myers-Briggs Personality types and from what I know from that theory, I was right about my temperament!

So you see? Boring all around!