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Who Should Star in Fifty Shades the Movie?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am only semi-embarrassed have just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m mainly embarrassed because of the hype. And the awful writing style. It’s very obvious that it was written by a young, inexperienced writer. The main character, Ana, was constantly interacting with two people in her head – her inner goddess and her subconscious (basically her low self-esteem). I found this to be slightly annoying! However, the story did hold my interest.

Christian Grey is a character you can love to hate. I do think he has some redeeming qualities. His character is flawed and is the way he is for a reason. It seems Ana was starting to reform his ways and they were forming a real relationship. I do think he was abusive in some ways and he needs to let go and allow himself to love.

So this crazy book is going to become a movie. I wonder how true it will stay to the book? There is talk around on who will star in the movie. Here are a few of my ideas!

jh ab
Josh Holloway and Alexis Bledel

ac iansomerhalder
Alexandra Chando and Ian Somerhalder

I’m not sure either of the guys are right for the part. What do you think?