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The Oz Museum and Our Oz Bathroom

Thursday, August 23, 2012


As I mentioned a few times before, we made a stop at a cool place on our way back from Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm. That place was the Oz Museum in Wamego, KS. It was a pretty cool collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia which we all enjoyed seeing.

oz1Every so often there were life sized statues of characters from the movie.

oz2There were displays full of Oz items. There was a ton to look at!

oz3Each character had a display of various items dedicated to him or her. There was also a Muppets themed display!

oz4 My favorite display was this one from the World Trade Center. I photographed the letter that came with the items – a man who was an Oz collector was promised items from the Time Warner Store in the WTC in August of 2001. The items arrived at his house on Sept. 13th, having been shipped out before Sept 11th.

oz5My kids were enjoying the museum too! The larger picture is a tornado simulator which we did not pay for the boys to experience – seems they liked it enough without blowing winds! The top small picture is the kids watching part of the movie. And the bottom small picture is Zachary in the gift shop.

Speaking of the gift shop, of course we had to buy something for our Wizard of Oz themed bathroom! Why yes, we do have a Wizard of Oz themed bathroom! Soon after we moved here when I was trying to decide themes for our bathroom, a few Oz decor items had come into my possession. I decided this would be a great theme! We even had our walls painted in the theme – the paint color is Yellow Brick Road by Behr.


The only thing not in an Oz theme in the bathroom is the bottom left image which was a housewarming gift from some of my friends in NJ. Sadly there is a family member missing in the picture! On the top left is a shadow box that I made using the Wizard of Oz postcards and stickers etc that I had in my craft collection. The top right shows 4 post cards that I put together in frames. The middle right are two projects that Gabbie made in pre-K. If you can’t tell, the big red thing is a ruby slipper with the words saying “There’s no place like home.” The other is the Yellow Brick Road leading to the Emerald City. In the bottom right picture you can see our newest addition to the collection – the Yellow Brick Road sign. On the far left of this picture is actually another piece from the Oz Museum. Dave’s parents have been there and they brought it back for us. It says “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” They also brought back a figurine of the characters which isn’t in any of the above photos.

So there you have a slight peak at our bathroom decor! Isn’t it a perfect theme for a bathroom in Kansas?

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