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Shirts on Sale at JC Penney

Friday, August 24, 2012


Today I took Simon to JC Penney to get his 2nd birthday photos taken. He cried at first but we ended up getting a lot of good ones.

Image7Image13  Image18

After we were done taking photos, he was patient enough to sit in his stroller while I looked over the sales racks. I wasn’t able to try any of the shirts I picked out while in the store though, so I am now here to share them from my home mirror try on session!

1. printed halter. $18 original / $5 sale. Realize now it’s hand wash only.

2. color block drape. $16 original / $4 sale. Seems to cling in the tummy area, maybe just in the picture?

3. black and white zig zag. $22 original / $5 sale. Definitely the angle of the picture making me look like a round ball!

4. blue shirt with lacy back (sorry not shown!). $25 original / $7 sale.

5. coral tankini top. sorry no model! $20 original / $3 sale.

Total: 5 pieces. Original total $101. Sale total $29 (+ 2.51 tax). Not bad!