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Dinosaur National Monument

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dinosaur National Monument

After our visit to Utah, we were on our way to meet our friends in Colorado, but first we made a stop at Dinosaur National Monument, which is on the border of Utah and Colorado. This park contains over 800 paleontological sites and a display of dinosaur fossils in a building that surrounds a huge rock that has been chipped away to reveal the fossil bones.


The area of the monument is in the Yampa River Canyon and is surrounded by red sandstone cliffs.


There is a bus that brings you from the visitor’s center to the quarry building, where you find the dinosaur wall.


You were allowed to touch the bones as well.


When they start doing this, it’s probably time to go.

DSC_7669  DSC_7670

This is the bus that takes you to and from the quarry building.


All in all, a quick stop, but a good one, especially since we had our National Park Pass and didn’t need to pay to enter!