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Summer Break Weeks 5 and 6

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I last wrote about summer break when I shared what we did during weeks 1 and 2. The kids were in camp for week 3 (and I spent most of the week driving back and forth between their camps), and week 4 was when we were in Florida! Then for weeks 5 and 6 we were back here with time to kill.

1. Zachary finished up swim team with his last meet. He chose not to compete in Championships, and they ended up conflicting with a camp he was signed up for anyway, but that didn’t stop his coaches from toilet papering our house! Pretty funny.

2. We headed over to the zoo and had fun visiting our favorites and seeing the newest addition – a sting ray touch tank!


3. We celebrated July 4. The day started with a bike parade. Then we went to the local July 4 festival that we like to go to every year. In the afternoon we went swimming but Simon took a fall in the bathroom and hit hit his head into the wall. It had a big bump which luckily turned out to be fine after some ice, but I took him home. Then in the evening we saw fireworks.

DSC_6674-2  DSC_6675-2DSC_6685-2DSC_6687-2

They had this windy tube where you could catch dollars and then donate them to a cause. I think the boys wanted to keep what they caught, but it was cute!

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During these two weeks, we also went to another Royals game and went swimming at Black Bob Bay, but I didn’t take any pictures! After week 6, summer was halfway over. Starting last week, we have 4 weeks of camp, and then another 2 weeks till school starts. We have the longest summer break ever!