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DIY Disney Pin Trading Book

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DIY Disney Pin Trading Book

In advance of our trip to Disney World in June, Gabbie used some of her birthday money to buy herself a pin trading book from a seller on Etsy. It hasn’t arrived yet, but in the meantime, I thought I would try to make myself my own pin trading book. I ordered a CD Wallet from Amazon to use as the main part of the book.


There are many ways you can decorate the cover of the CD Wallet to personalize it and make it say Disney pin book instead of CD Wallet! Gabbie had some leftover fabric from the mouse ears she made me for our last trip, so she took over the cover design.

DSC_4335  DSC_4337DSC_4338

She cut the fabric to 9x5 inches so that it would fit on the front and part of the back of the book.


She measured and folded a half inch around the edges and ironed the folds so the edges would be straight.


She then used hot glue to attach the fabric to the book.

She also added a ribbon around the edges of the fabric.

To add pages for my pins, I bought felt sheets. I cheated and bought the self-adhesive kind so I wouldn’t have to use hot glue! I removed the plastic CD slots on the front sides of the pages only. Then I used the plastic piece as a sort of template to see how large I should cut the felt. After that first sheet, I saw I could use the adhesive backing as a template.


I left the plastic on the backs of the pages because I wanted to make a sort of pocket for the pin backs, so they don’t scratch against the pins on the following page. I realized that since the plastic didn’t cover the whole page, the adhesive would get stuck to the inner part of the page and not form a pocket like I wanted, so I put some felt inside to cover that sticky part. If I had used glue, I just would not have put glue on that part of the felt.


These are some of my pins and how I used to carry them around.


Now, they are inside my pin book.


The felt and the pins add some bulk to the CD wallet but I was still able to zip it closed!


What do you think of my trading pin book?