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A Very Bubbly Purim

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


On Wednesday night and Thursday, we celebrated the Purim holiday. Purim celebrates the story of Queen Esther, who saved the Jewish people from annihilation by the decree of Haman, who was an advisor to the king. As part of the Purim celebration, people dress in costume, and we are commanded to hear the story of Esther, give out gifts of food, give charity, and partake in a festive meal. This year, we didn’t do a family theme like last year!

Gabbie found the idea for soda can candy bouquets on Pinterest and this is our version:


Zachary and Simon both chose costumes from the costume closet – Zachary wore my grad school graduation gown! And Simon wore the same policeman costume that Zachary wore for so many years.

DSC_3199  DSC_3204DSC_3201

Gabbie and her friends did a Wizard of Oz theme, and she dressed as Glinda.


Simon’s new friend was also a policeman so I had to take a picture of them together.


Gabbie and her group of friends:


Just the Wizard of Oz group:


One of the things we got in our gift from our synagogue was Mentos and Diet Coke, so we had to try that out!

DSC_3229  DSC_3230DSC_3231DSC_3232

We had the festive meal in the late afternoon. Simon met up with more friends dressed as first responders, as his friend called them!


There was a really cool activity for the kids from a place called A Bubble Company. The kids had such a good time chasing the bubbles and I guess I had fun chasing them and trying to take photos!


There were also bubbles inside that the kids got to stand inside!

DSC_3253  DSC_3254
DSC_3256  DSC_3257
DSC_3258  DSC_3259

Back outside, the bubble people taught the kids that if they dipped their hands in the soap, they could catch and hold bubbles.
(I’d love this picture if the bubble lady wasn’t also in it!)

DSC_3286  DSC_3288DSC_3292

Once again, our Purim was super fun!