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Two Science Museums In NYC

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


After being a science museum member for a year and visiting various science centers on the reciprocal admission list across the country, I came to the conclusion that most science centers were either the type with hands-on exhibits or the type that focuses on natural science. Both are fun and interesting, but it can get repetitive to visit the same two types of museums multiple times. That is why I was excited when we visited two different types of science museums in New York City.

Our first stop was at the Museum of Mathematics. Gabbie left for her trip with her grandparents that morning, so she wasn’t with us, and she had also said she didn’t want to visit the math museum with us. Zachary left for camp the following day, and he really did want to visit the math museum! Sure enough, he loved it there. Simon enjoyed it too.


The boys spent awhile driving these cars around the vertical track.


They also loved these square-wheeled trikes.


Here they are learning about velocity and acceleration.


I liked all of these paper structures.


This is a coaster roller.


And this is a hyper hyperboloid.


Here they created shapes and designs on a wall.


Looks like fun!


These was a game controlled by that back pack and your feet.


Zachary and Dave spent forever trying to get this machine to score a basket!


From there, we walked through the streets of New York. It just so happened to be the day of the NYC Pride Parade, and I took some pictures as we walked!

DSC_8698  DSC_8699

Our next museum stop was at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. It’s a museum on a former air craft carrier with so many things to see!


First, we checked out the submarine Growler. That’s a cruise ship behind the missile there!


Dave was freaking out the kids by pretending he was going to turn that wheel and make something happen.


Next we checked out the drone display. If you recognize the first one, it’s because Lady Gaga used it at the Superbowl!

You can find drones under $100 here on


They say that one day we will all travel to work / school in these things!


The Concord:


Displays inside the Intrepid itself:


The Intrepid built out of Legos:


There are some hands-on exhibits for the kids.


Simon was pretending he was sleeping, but Dave told him not to put his face down!


More from the flight deck!


As you can tell, there was a lot to see!

Have you ever been to either of these museums or anywhere else similar?