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Mini St. Louis Trip

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Two weeks ago, the Royals played the Cardinals both here in Kansas City and in St. Louis, MO. We decided a year ago that we wanted to see the Royals play in another city, and St. Louis seemed to be the best option being that it’s close and the I70 series is a “thing”! We went to the Tuesday game here and the Thursday game there. Sadly, the Royals lost them all.

During the game in KC, the big screen went out and stayed out for multiple innings! It was annoying!

In St. Louis, we stayed right next to the ballpark!


We went down near the field at first but then we went up to where we were sitting.


We weren’t there when Hosmer was signing autographs. I don’t think we would have been close enough to get one anyway.


Our pitchers carry around this My Little Pony suitcase. Apparently the rookies take turns brining it to the bullpen and it has nuts and gum inside.


Cool view of the arch!


These kids would not cooperate for a photo. And only afterwards I realized I didn’t even have the arch in the background.


After the game, we walked over to the arch. It was a little dark for photos!


More non-cooperation!


On the way back home, we stopped by the MO State Fair.


I like checking out the animals!


The kids spent forever climbing in and out of all the farm equipment!

DSC_9966  DSC_9968DSC_9969DSC_9970DSC_9971DSC_9972DSC_9973DSC_9974DSC_9976DSC_9977

This part was cool – the rider shot at the balloons to pop them. Simon was scared and Gabbie didn’t like it!


We didn’t do the rides but they are pretty to take photos of!


All in all, it was a nice little overnight trip to St. Louis!