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91 Day Declutter Challenge–Closets

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The last week of the 91 Day Declutter Challenge focused on closets and storage areas. I had some hopes of getting into my basement storage rooms, but other than the things I moved out of there while I was working in the basement (when I was making room for some toy storage), I didn’t get to them. To be completely honest, I put off the last space that I’d planned to declutter for quite a long time! But now it’s finally finished and that means I get to share it here, along with the other two closets that I worked on for the challenge.


Guest Room Closet

The largest closet in our house is in the guest room. As such, it became a place where I threw things. Lots of things. I was using it to keep things I eventually wanted to sell or otherwise get rid of, but still hadn’t. So this challenge became that time.


I went through everything and hung the clothes I could sell in the consignment sale while getting the rest into bags for donation. A lot of things were also added to the pile while I was decluttering other areas in the house. But I got it all organized.

DSC_5387  DSC_5388
After organizing, before the sale.

After. (The remaining items are for the fall/winter sale!)

Downstairs Linen Closet

DSC_5317  DSC_5318
Before and After.

In here we have extra sheets, towels, first aid supplies, etc. I wanted to use baskets that I found around the house to organize this space better.


Supplies for camp, medical supplies.

Sunscreen, extra toothbrushes, wipes, small sample items for guests, etc.

Towels and lightweight blankets.


Upstairs Linen Closet

Our master bedroom, guest bedroom, and Simon’s bedroom are downstairs, but Gabbie’s and Zachary’s are upstairs. The upstairs linen closet has extra sheets for their rooms, pool towels, and…well, here’s why it took me so long to organize it:

Costumes. Every costume my kids have worn over the years was stuffed into this closet.

DSC_6631  DSC_6633
Ah, much better. I moved out the costumes and hung them in the guest room closet. I will now either give them away or sell the ones that are in good condition. And how about that linen closet now?!

Now that I finished this challenge, I feel like for one thing I need to start over at the beginning because those drop spots are cluttering up again, and for another I need a new challenge to focus on! Any ideas? What do you think of my closets?

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