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10 Reasons We Love Attending Baseball Games

Thursday, May 4, 2017

10 Reasons We Love Attending Baseball Games

As you probably already know, we love attending baseball games. As a kid, I was never a baseball fan, but even then I appreciated it more when I got to go to games in person. I only went to maybe 2-3 games in my life, until we became Royals fans! We live only about 20 minutes from Kauffman Stadium and when we can attend games, we try to do so. There is always something fun going on at the K! Here are some of the top reasons we love attending Royals games.


1. We all enjoy it. There are so many things that some of us want to do and the others don’t. With three kids, our youngest and oldest are 5 years apart and they both love going to games.


2. When you see the team’s logos in person all over the stadium, you get a feeling of pride you might not have expected!


3. If you get there early enough, you can watch the team warming up. The Royals players are usually friendly to those who are watching as well and a few came over to the stands to sign autographs.


4. I don’t know how often you see your team’s mascot on TV, but Slugger is super cute in person!


5. Seeing the players up close and personal is really exciting too.


6. Everyone is wearing your team’s color. It’s really fun to look over the stands and see all that blue!


7. There is a sense of comradery among the fans as you bond over what’s happening in the game.


8. It makes me happy to see how many different types of people like to watch baseball. It’s a very diverse sport, both in the players and the fans.


9. There is nothing like the energy in the stadium when your team does well.


10. The ninth inning rally is the best! Everyone is on their feet screaming.


In this game, in the 9th inning it was still 0-0!


And seeing your team win? It’s so much fun.


After Sunday games, the kids can run the bases. You can see Zachary running towards 2nd here, with Dave and Simon behind him!


Do you like to attend baseball games?