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10 Things In My Bag For Spring Break + KH by Kalani Sock Box

Monday, April 10, 2017

What's In My Bag?

It’s Spring Break! We’re off all week and up until next Wednesday, which overlaps with the holiday of Passover. I won’t be online tomorrow and Wednesday due to our celebration, and the same will be true next Monday and Tuesday! When we aren’t busy with the holiday, the kids and I will certainly be getting to work on our Spring Bucket List. When I saw that today’s link up with Perfectly Port for 10 on the 10th is to share 10 Things In Your Bag, I knew I wanted to post about the things I’m carting around for Spring Break!

My bag is a Baggallini, I’m not sure which version!

10 Things In My Bag

1. Phone Cord. I usually keep it in my car but it’s here in my bag at the moment!

2. Bobble Water Bottle. Keeps my water cold all day.

3. Pack of tissues.

4. Brand new sunglasses that I just got from Cents of Style.

5. Sunscreen Stick.

6. Wristlet that holds my car keys.

7. Wallet.

8. Pen.

9. Monkey Mat – which I reviewed last summer.

10. A pair of socks.

Yes, socks.

When it’s warm outside, I don’t wear socks. I wear sandals or flip flops! But then the kids want to go roller skating or bowling or somewhere where socks are required. It’s always helpful to have a pair in my bag. Needless to say, I was excited to have the chance to review the new subscription sock line from Kalani Hilliker from Lifetime’s Dance Moms. KH by Kalani is a monthly Sock Box subscription service that features two new pairs of socks every month, designed by Kalani herself. The individual pairs of socks are $15 each (or get 20% off with the code notinjersey20), but if you order a box of two, it is only $20. I received Sushi Socks and Lips Socks – and they are so cute!

They are soft, stretchy, and tall, which I know will be perfect for when Zachary finally convinces me to take him roller skating!

10 on the 10th

What’s in your bag? Got socks?