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Simon’s Chag Siddur

Thursday, March 23, 2017


This school event happened exactly a month ago and I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t posted about it! Chag Siddur is when the first graders are presented with their first prayer books. First, the kids sing songs and do a few dances, and then their teachers present them with their new books. This was our third and final time seeing the 1st graders in this performance! It is only slightly different from the performances that Gabbie and Zachary did when they were each in 1st grade.


Simon is one of the taller kids in his class so he was in the back row! His class is quite big, so it was hard to get them all in a picture together.


The boys do a sweet dance together (the girls have a dance too).


Here they are saying a prayer that you cover your eyes for the first line. For the rest, they did various hand motions to act out the meaning of the prayer, which is in Hebrew.


Simon got to turn the page of the large prayer book.


And he said a line in Hebrew with his good friend.


Here he is after receiving his prayer book.


And after the performance! The kids wore clown hats because they ended with a song celebrating the new month of Adar, which is a happy month because of the Purim holiday.


He was also in a silly mood.


This is his paper doll that was used in the decorations. I helped put the dolls together!


Simon and his sweet teachers:

DSC_5514  DSC_5515DSC_5516

The Chag Siddur is a wonderful milestone for the 1st graders and they feel so special receiving their first prayer books!