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How and Why I Let An App Dress Me

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How and Why I Let An App Dress Me

When I first heard about Cladwell’s new app called Outfits, I was intrigued. Cladwell asked me what I would do with 15 minutes of extra time in my day – the time that it takes to choose an outfit each morning (or the night before, if you’re prepared!). Every morning, Outfits for iOS sends you outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item, thus saving you time – even 15 minutes back each morning adds up! So now I am wondering how I can use my extra time? How can I live in each moment? How can I balance the pieces of my life well?


I took the #TakeTheTime Outfits Challenge by letting the Cladwell Outfits app dress me for 3 days!

Cladwell - App Store Images-01Cladwell - App Store Images-02Cladwell - App Store Images-04Cladwell - App Store Images-05

After I downloaded the app, I started by adding items to my closet. There are a lot of options and they don’t have to be exactly what you have, but you can choose the options that most remind you of what you own. I added 35 items to my closet to begin with. Each day, the app will create an outfit for you to wear based on the clothes that you own, and the weather! How smart is that? Also, the discover tab shows you outfit possibilities with pieces you don’t yet own, and you can add them to a wishlist tab as well.

Day 1:


The app gives you three choices each day. The first outfit included shorts – yeah, it was supposed to be warm out, but shorts? For the second, my Toms are actually that green color of the cardi, which I have in grey, and I have a longer one in teal…, and I don’t have pants like that but I chose them to stand in for leggings. The third outfit is nice, but I wore that shirt the day before! So outfit number 2 was the winner.

DSC_5823  DSC_5829

Day 2:


For Day 2, my choices were all cute, but I decided to go with outfit 2. I do have a t-shirt in that green color, but I prefer the lighter green one for the fit. One thing I wish the app had available was the ability to add one t-shirt and then to specify the color you actually own it in.

DSC_5832  DSC_5834

Day 3:


Day 3 was going to be another hot day. So my options were to wear shorts, to wear long sleeves and long pants, or to wear short sleeves and long pants but with tall boots? None of them really make sense! I wish that I could take the suggested outfit and change out one part of it within the app. Instead, I have to do that on my own. The other thing is that I made a mistake when I added shoes – I only have one pair of grey flats but I added two different ones, as you can see in outfits 1 and 2 above! This happened on day 1 as well, but I did not realize. Also, I had not added in any sandals, because I couldn’t figure out which ones matched the ones that I have. Another option I wish was available on the app would be to add in my clothes manually. Anyhow, I went with outfit number 1, but I switched out the shorts for jeans.


My favorite thing about the Outfits app is that it uses what I have in my closet and therefore the outfits it puts together are things I like! I was frustrated that I could not see my outfits the evening before, but there is a way to adjust when your notifications become live, and I just changed mine to come the night before, so hopefully that will solve that!


Now that I have extra time saved by letting an app dress me, what am I doing with my extra time? I’d have to say I’m using it for blogging and promoting my blog! Do you like the outfits that were chosen for me? If you were given extra time in your day, even 15 minutes, what would you use it for?