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Evening at Epcot

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Evening at Epcot

When I left off, we had finished visiting the World Showcase and were headed back to Future World in Epcot to finish those things we were unable to do in the morning. We had Fast Passes reserved for The Seas With Nemo and Friends and Spaceship Earth – both of these rides usually don’t need Fast Passes, but the lines were continually more than we wanted to wait in throughout the day. If you recall, we had reserved two Fast Passes already – for Frozen and Turtle Talk – and you can only have three in advance, but once you use the ones you have reserved, you are able to reserve more if they are available. So that is what we did! But first, a quick stop at Club Cool for some soda samples!


We headed over to the Seas for the Nemo ride – one of my favorites!


We also looked around the aquarium area for a bit after the ride.


Then it was over to Spaceship Earth, and I couldn’t stop photographing the Epcot ball from below!


This painting is outside of Spaceship Earth. I knew there was a hidden Mickey on it and I knew where the Mickey was, but I’d never actually seen the Mickey head before!

It’s on the number 3, the grey space inside the 3 makes up the Mickey head!


I rode with Gabbie and she chose the options to make us live in a house that grows itself…or something.


We decided it was a perfect time to meet Joy and Sadness! We didn’t do any other character meet and greets in the parks, but seeing how Simon interacted with the characters almost made me regret that! We all really like Inside Out so this was the perfect one for us to do.

He was pretending to take “memories” from the walls!

The meet and greet was so adorable. Joy is bouncing all around acting excited, so the visitors naturally pay her a lot of attention, while Sadness mopes off to the side. Simon went straight to Sadness for a hug!

Joy was showing Zachary that her dress matches his hat.

Simon was trying to get Sadness to stop moping.

DSC_4308  DSC_4310DSC_4309
Hugs all around!


I had a cool button from Parkbound Buttons that has the Inside Out characters and says “All The Feels” so I had them autograph it.

LOL at Simon!

From there, it was on to our last ride, Living With The Land. This is one of our favorites because of all the hidden Mickeys throughout the ride. And guess what? We also saw living Mickey mice running around! We told the cast member after the ride and they said the mice like to eat the seeds. Who knew?


As we walked over to the World Showcase to watch Illuminations, we stopped by the Christmas tree so I could try some bokeh shots. It worked! (I think I caught a hidden Mickey here too!)


We all agreed that Illuminations is a better fireworks show than Wishes – except that I couldn’t see very much and Simon fell asleep!


There was a special holiday themed ending to the show, which I think just meant a short extra song and more fireworks! We then headed back to the boat back to the Swan for the night – what a day! The following day, we were heading down to South Florida for our stay with my parents, but first we checked out a bunch more of Disney World – stay tuned for that next time!