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It’s Okay #143

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It’s okay…

…that last week the kids and I went to see Sing. We all enjoyed it, especially the mama pig!

…that it’s finally the year Billy Joel sang about in Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway (Miami 2017).

…that the kids went back to school yesterday but Dave as still off work, so we went to the Harley Davidson Factory tour (kids aren’t allowed) and to Boulevard Brewery – we didn’t take the tour but we got some beer!


…that I’m participating in Mary Organizes’ 91 Day Declutter Challenge. This week’s project is the laundry room. I will likely share my progress later in the week!

…that I’m still editing Florida pictures but I’ll probably start sharing them this week!

…that I was going back and forth with a company I work with on my blog because I hadn’t received payment for one of my posts. We finally figured out it was sent to my old paypal address. I didn’t see a record of it being received there either, but I did find some money in that account and I’m not sure why it’s there!

What’s okay with you this week?