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I’ll Show You My…New Year’s Resolutions + Declutter Challenge–Kitchen

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Is the third week of January too late to share New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s go with “it’s not too late!” because the topic for this month’s “I’ll Show You My…” Collaboration is just that! Today Christina, Katie, Tracy, Jamie, and I are sharing our New Year’s Resolutions with you, and next month you too can share with us, as we’re turning this into a link-up!

For me, I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions. I used to do monthly goals and I miss doing that sometimes! I like my goals to be attainable and measurable, rather than subjective as to whether I’ve actually fulfilled them. A year is a long time to plan ahead for, but I do have some goals that I am happy to share here today!

Fitness Goals

  • Exercise 5 times per week.
  • Lose 20-30 pounds.
  • Lose inches (2 inches per month?).
  • Drink more water.
  • Do my version of the 21-Day Fix again.

House Goals

  • Declutter using the 91 Day Declutter Challenge Schedule.
  • Do the consignment sale with the kids’ clothes.
  • Have a toy sale.
  • Keep the house decluttered by cleaning up more often and putting things away.
  • Make each room functional and with places to keep the things we use in that room.

Blog Goals

  • Create more pinnable posts.
  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram.
  • Co-host a link-up or swap (or both!).
  • Update About Me page.

Family Goals

  • Celebrate Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah in March.
  • Go to Gabbie’s dance competition / trip to Branson.
  • Sign up Zachary for camp.
  • Have Gabbie and Simon stay at their grandparents (while Zachary is at camp) and go somewhere with Dave.
  • Have guests over more often.

Self Goals (other than fitness)

  • Read at least 30 books.
  • Don’t do things that don’t make me happy.
  • Finish my crochet row a day afghan.
  • Like the photos that I take or learn to make them better.
  • Volunteer more.
  • Hang out with friends more.

Since today is about goal sharing, I figured it would make sense to share Week 2 of the Declutter Challenge today as well. Week 2 was the kitchen and pantry!


I actually have two pantries. One is located in the laundry room, and luckily I already cleaned it out a few months ago, otherwise that would have added a lot more difficulty last week during laundry room week or this week! The laundry room pantry is known as the snack closet because it’s where we keep all of the kids’ snacks! I also use the shelves that are harder to reach for appliances that don’t stay out all the time.

The top shelf you see here has coffee creamer and sweetener, which I keep out on the counter but refill from here. The 2nd shelf has reusable bags. I think I have too many. The 3rd shelf has plastic utensils and party type plates. And the bottom, plus the very bottom that isn’t in the picture, has all the snacks.DSC_5041

Our other pantry has all the can goods, non-perishable food, etc. It was a huge mess, although I have tried to organize it in the past, it never stays the way I want it to!
DSC_5042  DSC_5043

DSC_5046  DSC_5049
After! I also put up a dry erase board inside the pantry door for grocery lists. When one of us is going to the store, we can just take a picture of the list and buy what we need! So far it’s working!

I also cleaned out and organized the fridge. This definitely needs to be done more often to keep it how I like it.


I did a lot on the cabinets and drawers and I’m pretty happy with how they look now too.

After (I also moved up the glassware on the bottom and put mugs there)

DSC_5055  DSC_5063
Before / After



DSC_5060  DSC_5066
Before / After

DSC_5062  DSC_5064DSC_5065
No before pictures – these are just some happy cabinets!

I’m the most proud of this – instead of boxes I now have drawers and a nice bin! (The drawers are for schoolwork).

And I’m proud of this junk drawer before and after!

There were too many areas in the kitchen to photograph, but it looks good now in most spots! This week is the dining room and entry ways, so I’ll share that the next time I update on this project!

If you were paying attention, at the beginning of this post I said that the “I’ll Show You My” collaboration will become a link-up starting next month, so if you are interested, the next topic is “Love Language” and we will be sharing on the 3rd Wednesday in February – the 15th! Don’t forget to visit Christina, Katie, Tracy, and Jamie to see their New Year’s Resolutions!