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Hanukkah–Nights 4-8 & Gift Round-Up

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Last week I shared photos from the first 3 nights of Hanukkah, which we spent in Florida. We actually left Florida on the 4th night and we didn’t light the menorah until we got back home, but I gave the kids gifts at the airport because I planned for them to be able to use them on the plane!

Night 4:


Night 5:

The menorah we use to light every year – I got it for my Bat Mitzvah!

Our outdoor menorah from Israel.

The box goes outside on the front steps.

Gabbie worked on this art kit right away.

Zachary was checking out the game my parents got him!

Night 6:


Night 7:

I made a menorah out of hot dogs!

Dave made latkes!

Simon colored this table cloth for us!

Everyone got new Shutterfly calendars.


Night 8:

This is what it looks like when you burn vodka!

Gifts from their uncle and aunt!

Zachary also got this cool little robot to play with.

I got us a puzzle – I’ve put together most of it!

And now a wrap-up of all the gifts the kids received this year – I really try not to go too overboard on gifts and to get a mix of fun and useful items, including some of the things the kids have asked for! They seemed happy with everything they received.

1. Oregon Trail Card Game | 2. Vera Bradley Wristlet | 3. Zoya Nail Polish | 4. Colored Pencils and Coloring Book | 5. String Art Kit | 6. Old Navy Boots | 7. Dancers Among Us Book | 8. Ballet Turnboard + Sewing Machine

1. Finding Dory | 2. Code Master Programming Game | 3. Spinbrush (similar) | 4. The Greatest Dot To Dot Book In The World | 5. Apples To Apples Jr. | 6. Tennis Racket Bag | 7. Guinness World Records 2017 | 8. Remote Control  Bumper Cars + Coji Robot

1. Keva Planks Brain Builders | 2. Watch | 3. Spinbrush (similar) | 4. Boogie Board | 5. Blokus | 6. Pajamas | 7. Little Critter Storybook Collection | 8. Remote Control Bumper Cars

You may notice that Gabbie and Zachary both got an extra gift on the 8th night and Simon did not – that wasn’t on purpose! In any case, everyone has been having fun with their new things!