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Around The World At Epcot (Part 1)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Our second day in Disney World was spent at Epcot Center. The Fast Pass system is different at Epcot and you can only get a Fast Pass for one of the top-tier rides. That included three that we wanted to do – Frozen, Soarin’, and Test Track. For the longest time I had Soarin’ reserved, because Frozen was unavailable, and I didn’t think we would get to ride it at all because the wait times were usually 2+ hours at all times! We thought we’d do it at the very end of the day. But then just a few days before our trip, a slot opened up, so I dropped the Soarin’ Fast Pass and reserved Frozen! That meant that our plan was to ride Test Track and Soarin’ first thing, hopefully before the lines were too long.

We took the boat from the Swan / Dolphin and entered the park through the World Showcase. We arrived after they’d already opened, so we weren’t as early as we’d hoped!


The kids enjoy designing their cars at Test Track, and this time we figured out how to link our cars to our ride, so we could see how well their cars performed.

I kind of remember Gabbie and Zachary not loving Test Track last time, but this time they were happy, and again I was thankful that all the kids are big enough for all the rides – no rider swaps needed!

Next it was onto Soarin’, definitely an all-around favorite! The line was pretty long. There is an interactive quiz game inside the line now, but it was kind of boring!


We had a Fast Pass for Turtle Talk With Crush. This was not worthwhile at all! You still have to wait for the show in front of yours to end and there wasn’t much of a line in general when we got there. Having a Fast Pass doesn’t get you a better seat or anything like that.


Simon had been begging for a Mickey Bar since we arrived at Disney, so he finally got one!

See how happy?

Gabbie proceeded to drop her Mickey Bar on the floor so she and Dave headed back to where we came from to grab another one. Meanwhile, the boys and I spotted a baby duck!


Then it was off to the World Showcase. I am used to doing all of Future World in the morning and the World Showcase in the afternoon, but this time we split up Future World and saved some of the things we wanted to do there until later. I had canceled my Fast Pass for Spaceship Earth, but I rebooked it, and later I was able to get a Fast Pass for The Seas With Nemo and Friends too. On less crowded days you don’t need Fast Passes for either of those!

First stop, Mexico!

We like the Mexico Ride!


I started a thing of photographing some of the merchandise in each country, and Gabbie decided to pose wearing a hat in each country. Simon did it in some of the countries too.


Norway was up next and it was time for our Fast Pass for Frozen. But the ride was down. They did not know when it would be back up. So once again, we didn’t know if we’d be able to ride it.

Gotta take a photo with the big troll!


There was pin trading going on outside of Norway, I guess to make up for the ride being down. We moved on to the next pavilion, and kept checking the app to see if the ride was fixed.


The kids had some fun with the toys outside of China!

DSC_4049  DSC_4052
DSC_4053  DSC_4056DSC_4054DSC_4055

These beads were at the African Outpost, which reminds me of a small bit of Animal Kingdom inside Epcot.


Next up was Germany.


And then we realized Frozen was back up! Although our Fast Pass time had passed, we were still able to use it whenever we wanted during the day once the ride was back up, but we headed there right away. Luckily we weren’t that far away!

DSC_4082  DSC_4083
Fun dancing dragon we passed on the way back to Norway!

I will continue with the recap of our day in Epcot next week! Starting with the Frozen ride, of course!