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It’s Okay #141

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It’s okay…

…that winter break in Florida is always a good idea.

…that winter in Kansas is very very cold.

…that after winter break, Gabbie has a week of fun classes, called Winterims. She is going to make a t-shirt blanket, sew pajamas, and make another type of blanket, and for all of that she needs supplies. I think it will cost $100+ for all of it! (Not really okay, but oh well).

…that I’m seeing Simon having similar difficulties in school as Zachary did in 1st grade. I’m hoping getting tutoring started earlier will help.

…that when I picked up the kids from school on the last day before break, all the kids were saying “see you next year!” to each other.

…that on the first day of winter break, I planned to sleep a little later, but I woke up early thinking of everything I needed to get done that day.

…that sometimes it bothers me when people assume everyone in the world celebrates Christmas.

…that last week I finally hit that first weight loss goal I was trying to hit. I still would like to lose a lot more though, and maybe start seeing a difference – so far the only difference I see is that my rings and watch are lose!

What’s okay with you this week?