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Apple Picking

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

For the past few years, we have made a fall tradition out of visiting Cider Hill Family Orchard and picking our own apples. Last year there was a mix of red and green apples, but this year, we mostly picked green ones. I once again tried to use my manual mode on my camera, but there was a setting that I forgot to change and you can probably tell that it made my pictures a bit too green for about the first half until I realized!

DSC_2131DSC_2132DSC_2133DSC_2134DSC_2139DSC_2141DSC_2142DSC_2143  DSC_2150DSC_2151DSC_2154DSC_2156DSC_2157DSC_2158DSC_2159DSC_2160DSC_2161DSC_2162DSC_2163DSC_2164DSC_2166DSC_2167DSC_2168DSC_2169DSC_2170DSC_2171DSC_2172DSC_2173DSC_2174DSC_2175DSC_2176DSC_2179DSC_2181DSC_2182DSC_2184DSC_2185DSC_2186DSC_2187DSC_2189DSC_2191DSC_2192DSC_2193DSC_2194DSC_2195  DSC_2197DSC_2198DSC_2201

Have you been apple picking yet this year?