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It’s Okay #128

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


It’s okay…

…that I’m currently in Florida. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, my dad needed major heart surgery. My brother was with my parents when my dad got home from the hospital, and now I’m with them this week. I feel awful missing the kids’ first full week of school!

…that thanks to Amy, I’m watching The Fosters on Netflix. Did you know I used to work with foster families? Sadly, we didn’t have any families quite as cool as the Fosters!

…that I’ve fallen into the trap of Lularoe. I went to a pop-up where I got to try on clothes before buying, and ended up with 2 dresses (Nicoles) and a kimono (Lindsay). I’m saving the dresses for fall, and meanwhile I’m stalking so many Lularoe facebook pages to see what else I might want! I won $10 from one shop, so I may buy something else tonight!

…that I won a coupon code for $75 off a JORD watch. Does everyone who enters win a coupon code? It doesn’t make it free, but I do like these:



…that I needed a system to tell my kids where to go each day after school so I bought a dry erase weekly schedule board at Target. Then I labeled it and hung it up on our front door, where they can look at it before they leave for school every day.

What’s okay with you this week?